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Brady Spoilers

Monday, Aug 18:
*Nicole and Brady head to the playground where they swing and befriend a little girl. 
*Brady tells Nicole she'll make a great mother someday. She tells him Victor doesn't want any more children.
Tuesday, Aug 19:
*Brady and Nicole return to an angry Victor, who offers to give her another chance if she grovels. She storms off, unhappy.
*Brady asks Victor if he would like more kids. Victor says he would love to have more kids, the more the merrier. Brady, surprised, tells Nicole, who tells him to leave it alone. 
*Nicole books a one-way ticket out of Salem and away from old man Kiriakis.
Friday, Aug 22:
*Nicole withdraws her small savings, and arranges for the cash and a plane ticket to be secretly delivered to the mansion. 
*Nicole fantasizes about running away with Brady, but Nicole covers. 
* Victor gives Nicole a choice: if she agrees to remain his wife, he'll destroy the evidence he has on her. Nicole agrees, secretly knowing she's skipping town.
*Brady surprises Nicole with a homemade swing.
*Nicole realizes how much she'll miss Brady, runs off in tears. A messenger arrives with Nicole's plane ticket/money, but Brady gets to him first!


Last week:
Monday, Aug 11:
*Roman questions Brady and Nicole about the shooting
*Brady discovereds the file of incriminating evidence  on Nicole
Tuesday, Aug 12:
*Abe tells Brady, Nicole and Victor he's reopening the Colin Murphy murder case.
*As Brady and Nicole reach for the folder, papers fly everywhere.
Wednesday, Aug 13:
*Abe asks Brady about who might wish Colin Murphy dead.
*Victor, realizing he may need insurance against Nicole returns the file to the safe.  *Brady finds Nicole skinnidipping in the pool.  After asking what has her  so afraid she confesses she fels trapped.  Swimming makes her feel better.  She invites Brady in for a swim. He dives in for a swim as well.
Friday, Aug 15:
*Brady surprises Nicole with a hangliding adventure and a trip to the runway at the airport to watch planes fly overhead.
*Nicole encourages Brady to open up to her about his dreams and his relationship with Chloe.
*Nicole wishes she could start over and cherishes her own freedom, realizing you never realize what you have until it's gone.

*Brady catches Nicole with her one way ticket out of town
*Nicole makes it onto the plane but Victor catches her at the last second.
*Nicole recovers from a hangover as Victor threatens to tell Brady the truth about her
*Nicole admits Brady is the best thing that ever happened to her.  Brady, is touched.
*Alone, Nicole vows to kill Victor herself.