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The Kyle Lowder Experience


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Kyle and Arianne Lowder, love at its best!

Kyle Brandon Lowder, the man behind making Brady Victor Black on Days of our Lives one of the most unforgettable characters of daytime.  Kyle brings much to the character of Brady and develops and refines his skill with each and every scene.

Kyle was born in St Louis MO on August 27, 1980 to his parents, Craig and Susan.  He has two younger brothers, Travis and Cameron.  While being born in St Louis MO he was raised in Pleasantville, NY.  Kyle is extremely close to his family.

Kyle's Accomplishments:

High school found him on the All-State Track and Field team; quarterback for the high school football team; and he worked during the summer as a lifeguard.
VOICE-Kyle has a remarkable and moving voice.  This is thanks to raw talent and six years of classical voice training.  He has won awards for this ability as well.  Before moving to LA he was receiving additional voice training at Syracuse University.

MODELING-Kyle moved to LA in early 2000, and his 6'1" height helped him successfully enter the modeling field.  He has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch and Speedo.

ACTING-Leading roles in "Kiss Me Kate" and "Camelot" at the performing arts High School he attended.  He answered the auditioning call for the role of Brady Victor Black for Days of our Lives.  Only in LA for a brief period of time, he landed the coveted role of Brady, the son of the multi-faceted John Black and his late wife Isabella Toscano-Black.  Originally, under contract through August 2003, he has just recently signed another contract that adds to his time in Salem and allows for additional growth of his character.  

MARRIAGE-Kyle's greatest life accomplishment thus far has been his marriage to Days actress Arianne Zuker (Nicole Walker).  The two exchanged vows on August 3, 2002.

Those that have met Kyle, refer to him as a kind, warm, loving person.  He's a person that loves his family and cares for his fans.  Handsome, talented, gifted, loving, warm and friendly!  I ask you does it get any better than Kyle Brandon Lowder? No.  Once you've shared in the Kyle Lowder Experience you will never be the same!