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A Broe State of Mind
~*A Broe State of Mind*~
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The Vision Behind A Broe State of Mind
A Broe State of Mind is the end product of a vision held by dear beloved Broe fans.  Although the board began with the sole purpose of creating a family friendly board in which fans could congregate and post thoughts about the wonderful pairing of Brady and Chloe, it quickly grew to mean much more......
The History of Broe
Brady Black and Chloe Lane have always been fated in the stars as the next promising young couple of Salem.  Chloe, in her struggle to become true to herself has found her match in Brady Black.  While he, attempting to make amends with his family, falls head over heels in love with the one he knows he cannot have. 
Through a number of obstacles these two young adults have found their way back to one another repeatedly; through a breakup with  her ex, through his shooting and slow recovery from paralysis, through her discovery of leukemia and now, an opportunity she cannot let pass her by.  Now two years after their electrifying first meeting, they are more in love than ever before but find themselves at an ultimate crossroad.  In the throes of an exciting opportunity, she is offered the chance to go on tour with the famed opera songstress, Cecilia Marin.  Everything she ever could have wanted happened.  She was in love with a wonderful man, was mending fences with her family and now, would  have the ultimate career she had dreamed of since she was a child.  But in the excitement of it having it all, she never could have imagined   parting ways with the one who has loved her throughout.  And then, she was forced to make a critical decision.  Would she choose to stay in salem with the man she loved, or would she take the chance of a lifetime and follow her dream? 
Upon learning Chloe had recieved the opportunity to sing with her childhood idol, Brady's heart shatttered upon the sinking realization that could mean a separation for them both.  However, realizing he could be the one thing that could quite possibly hold her back from the dream she's held for years, Brady pushed her endlessly to accept the offer by Ms. Marin.  Through her pleading, tears of anger, resentment and pain, he was there trying to make her understand how much he loved her, trying to make her realize it was the right thing to do, for her sake and for his.  And ultimately knowing she needed to do this on her own, he stepped back to give her room to make her own decisions. 
Finally, upon overhearing a conversation with the piano player, she came face to face with the stone cold reality that Brady as he always had, loved her unconditionally.  And then, she made the decision to leave Salem, and the man she loved. 
Fans hearts' shattered with the realization that Broe would no longer gracing their screens with incredible moments of Broe bliss.  And it is with the delicate romance that was carved of these two exciting actors that A Broe State of Mind was developed and cultivated.  Through it all, we have been devoted, loyal and supportive throughout.Clammoring for endless scenes to be played out, tossing out marvelous storyline ideas, and even putting imaginations to the test with our own plotlines, our own visions of what Broe should be. 
We hope all of you decide to stop by A Broe State of Mind to continue in the support of our couple, Brady Black and Chloe Lane.  Below is a list of previews for what you will find on the Message Board.  Feel free to stop in or if you wish, register and join us in the celebrating of the love of Broe.  Whatever your wish, we are there to listen.   Share your dreams of Brady and Chloe with A Broe State of Mind.