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Here's the scoop...

On May 16th Kyle Lowder appeared on the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Kyle was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actor.  During the telecast, he was featured in a spoof of 'Brady's Best Daytime Moments' and also sang a small portion of "Do You Still Love me" from Dirty Dancing in the ensemble chorus of Daytime stars.  Congratulations Kyle :)
May 31-June3:   
Kyle Lowder will appear at the Unofficial Days Weekend in Los Angeles.  Several events have been organized and we hope you will join some of us there!
Kyle will also appear at the Annual Country Fan Fair event in Nashville, TN. Along with other stars he will participate in activities and be on hand for autographs with other Days Stars.  Hope some of you can go and check back in with us! 
Stay tuned for more Kyle News soon!!!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!